Why The Idea of Couponing is Worthy it!

A lot of people think "why do I need to coupon?" and "what's the whole deal about couponing, and why would I go through all that headache?". Jennifer is giving us the right perspective on this topic. Basically, we should realize that a coupon is the same as cash. When you are redeeming a coupon at the cashier, you are basically giving them cash. When you use ten $1 coupons, you have basically received $10 that you can use to pay off a bill, a credit card, get out of debt, etc, or just go to Starbucks and enjoy the mocha that you truly love and see as a treat in your life! Or you can go to the movies and spend some time with your kids. Unfortunately, many people do not think coupons the same as cash, but they really are!