Why The Idea of Couponing is Worthy it!

A lot of people think "why do I need to coupon?" and "what's the whole deal about couponing, and why would I go through all that headache?". Jennifer is giving us the right perspective on this topic. Basically, we should realize that a coupon is the same as cash. When you are redeeming a coupon at the cashier, you are basically giving them cash. When you use ten $1 coupons, you have basically received $10 that you can use to pay off a bill, a credit card, get out of debt, etc, or just go to Starbucks and enjoy the mocha that you truly love and see as a treat in your life! Or you can go to the movies and spend some time with your kids. Unfortunately, many people do not think coupons the same as cash, but they really are!

Money is certainly not easy to earn, and you always want to make sure that you are making the most out of every spending. Many people take advantage of ongoing sales, but most people are gravely missing out when it comes to coupons, simply because they find it hard to collect the ones they want.

Here, I am going to share with you exactly where you can go to easily collect tons of coupons, so that you can save your money as well!

Before We Get Started…

In order for this to work, you need to organize your coupons carefully. I suggest grabbing a small box, such as a shoebox, so that you can save all of the coupons you find. You can easily organize your box according to the items that the coupons discount using index cards or homemade tabs.

Many coupons are often neglected and forgotten due to poor organization. By organizing your coupons according to type, you will always be able to find exactly the ones you need. Try to save your coupons for upcoming sales, but do not forget to keep the expiration dates in mind as well.

Save every coupon that you find. You never know when it will come in handy.

1. Buy Sunday Newspapers

Using Sunday newspapers is my favorite way of collecting the coupons that I need. Every single weekend, you can easily collect over $450 in coupons from only three different newspapers. The best part is that you can plan ahead, so that you do not have to buy several newspapers each and every week.

If you pay attention to the companies and products that you love the most during the week, you will often get a preview of the upcoming coupons by Friday at the latest. If you already know that the upcoming coupons are exactly the ones you need, stock up by buying 3 – 4 different newspapers. If not, buying 1 will be more than enough.

2. Gather Coupons from the Comfort of your Home

Did you know that you can collect coupons without even leaving your house? Here are a few ways how!

Printables. Manufacturers always want you to try out their products, in attempts to gain new customers. As a result, they often make coupons available online. Look online for the coupons that you are interested in and print them out.

Magazines. In my house, I have a few magazines that are lying around, and chances are that you have a few as well. Recently, manufacturers and stores are trying to grab our attention by putting more and more coupons into magazines. Start out by looking through the magazines you already own, and you might find a few coupons that will help you in the future.

I also suggest buying the “All You” magazine every month. You can easily find it in Walmart at a very cheap price. Inside the magazine, you can collect more than $40 - $90 in coupons every single month.

Product Boxes. After your shopping has finished, check inside the boxes of your products. Sometimes, even though nothing is said on the cover of the box, the inner cardboard will have coupons printed directly on them. Some products will even have a small packet of coupons inside their box. Keep an eye out for sneaky deals such as these.

3. Pay Attention in Stores

Many stores offer coupons as you are shopping. Keep an eye out for the following:

Tear Pads. Tear pads are pads of coupons that are usually attached to the area the product is sold. I always tear off a few of the products that I am interested in and save them for the next sale.

Blinkies. Usually these will have a red bottom. They can be found throughout the store, usually attached to the product shelves. Once you pull one of these out, another will come straight out.

Peelies. These are stickers attached to the product itself. You can easily peel it off and save it for another sale. Often, they offer discounts for other unrelated products that rarely have coupons themselves, such as meat.

Cashiers. After you pay, cashiers sometimes hand you several sheets of paper. Before I knew how useful they are, I often threw them away. However, if you check carefully, you will find that coupons are often included inside the stack. Be careful and check the papers you receive after checkout.

4. Check the Mail

Often, coupons are put into your mailbox without you even asking, which will save you the time of going out and discovering coupons yourself. You can also give yourself a better chance of finding treasures in your mailbox by subscribing to your favorite companies’ newsletters.

If the companies that you like do not send coupons to you, try writing them an email and telling them how much you enjoy using their products. More often than not, they will be willing to send you a few coupons as a show of gratitude.

Also, many products offer free samples to be delivered to your home. Do not be fooled, as they come with much more than just samples. Often, they have coupons attached as well.

5. Use Coupon Clipping Services

If you are short on time, you can also enlist the help of coupon clipping services. For a small fee, they will put all of the coupons that you order into an envelope and mail it to you. This is also great in case you want more of a certain coupon you already have. By asking them, they can send you a stack without charging too much.

6. Take Advantage of Store Loyalty Cards

I always say that you should sign up with all of the loyalty programs that you can. The rewards that retailers will give you can save you a lot of money and trouble, without you doing any of the work.

After you sign up for loyalty programs, you can check out websites such as sellfire.com and shortcuts.com. Here, you can select electronic coupons that will be sent directly to your loyalty cards. This way, the next time you shop there, the coupon will automatically be used.

7. Phones Can Be of Great Assistance

If you have a smart phone, you can easily get a mobile app for coupons, such as Checkout 51 and Grocery IQ. Then, you can select the coupons you want to use, and print them out at home.


In addition, many stores, such as Target, send coupons through text messaging. Sign up for their text messages and have coupons delivered directly to your phone.

8. Social Connections Can Really Help

If you have a little more time on your hands, you can also look into coupon trains that are in your area. You can find them easily online. Once you have found one, you can take all of the coupons that you know you are not going to use and send them to someone else. In return, another person will send you the coupons that they are not using, so that everyone can have coupons that are useful to them.

If you have friends that also enjoy collecting coupons, you can hold a coupon trading party. Put all of the coupons that you do not need into a separate folder, and bring it along with you to the party. There, you can have plenty of fun as you and your friends trade coupons with each other.

With a little time and effort, you will be saving money in no time. Good luck and happy shopping!

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Nutrisystem Success Stories: Kathy, Lori, and Oscar


Kathy lost 70 pounds by using Nutrisystem. She was fifty-two years old when she gave Nutrisystem a try, and as someone who struggled with her weight for years, she was quite skeptical. Kathy had lived with her poor body image for so long, and was so accustomed to trying and failing at diets that she almost started Nutrisystem expecting to see no results and head back to the drawing board of self-pity. Kathy noticed right away how delicious the food on the Nutrisystem plan is. This is actual, real food that delighted her taste buds while keeping her satisfied. No more starvation diets that only exacerbate weight problems!


On Nutrisystem, Kathy was even able to treat her sweet tooth to yummy desserts. Another thing that she enjoyed about the meals was that she did not have to slave over a stove and buy strange health-fad diet foods. Nutrisystem sent the meals right to her and she simply had to eat and enjoy. Oh, and experience the weight-loss effects of using Nutrisystem! 

And then there is Lori and Oscar. Collectively, Lori and Oscar lost 79 lbs on Nutrisystem. Their motivation? Being healthy with their kids.

Lory and Oscar lost weight on Nutrisystem

Lori and Oscar are living a full life now, without the guilt and shame of being overweight. Lori lost thirty-nine pounds on Nutrisystem, while Oscar lost a total of forty pounds. This couple had been wanting to get healthy for their children, and this pressure only caused more grief and sadness when their previous diet and weight-loss efforts flopped. Upon trying out Nutrisystem, both Lori and Oscar felt motivated to stick to it. They had each other to support each other, and Nutrisystem is so easy and effective, that there was absolutely no reason for them to feel defeated or stuck in a cycle of no results. With Nutrisystem, the couple ate food that kept them energized to take care of their family and support each other. Combined with their more positive self-image, compliments from friends let Lori and Oscar know that it was not in their heads--Nutrisystem actually produces profound results! Now, the couple feels more invigorated to accomplish their daily tasks, but also get out and bond with their children.