Hi friends,

I am ecstatic and thrilled that you guys have found my little abode on the Internet. My name is April Sherrill, and welcome to my blog that I relatively made for the sole purpose of helping people and readers about coupons codes. I am currently residing in Los Angeles, CA, but I am originally from Ireland. I grew up in Dublin and worked for 5 years for the Irish Professional Conservators' and Restorers' Association.  Our goal was to encourage the practice of conservation and restoration of historic and artistic material, and bring it to internationally accepted standards. As a conservator I provided support and advice to museums, architects, and curators.

A little about me: I love baking cupcakes with my friends during weekends, it is the only way I can release all the stresses that I have gained from work. After work, I attend yoga classes for relaxation and to somehow meditate for at least an hour.

I am 32 years of age and a mom of two adorable little boys. My husband’s name is Johnny Sherrill, 35 years old, an engineer who is currently working for a multi-national company in Doha, Qatar. I have a Archeologist  degree from the UCD School of Archaeology in Ireland which I used only for a few years since I am very busy being a mom to my little ones. This is the very reason why I have decided to put up this blog, not just because of the fact that it can help me earn extra income, but to also assist people about coupons that are available on the market. Coupons helped me to stay afloat with our budget; I have saved a total of $53 off several items, thus having a regular disposable income.

Hopefully, this blog will serve people who are into coupons. I will also be writing about weight loss. I will post here all the promotional coupons and deals to save on weight loss programs, like Nutrisystem. I always buy products that my kids use like shirts, diapers, and food online, like a lot of you. A few days ago I called in a local pizza shop, and asked for two big pizzas, and I got them half the price using a coupon code plus it’s free delivery! Saving online purchases is what I aim to do so I have decided to make my own blog to provide coupon updates, thrifty tips, or just some stuff I have seen online to be very interesting.

Everybody, this is my invitation for all of you to relax and take a deep breath. Come journey with me as I conquer the Internet in search of all the coupons available. For queries, comments, and suggestions, please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., I would love to hear from you! Many thanks for lurking here and I am hoping that you’d be back here again. Cheers!